About Us

Pradhin Limited (Formerly Known as Bhagwandas Metals Ltd) which has been originally incorporated since 1982. And Bhagwandas Metals Ltd which was incorporated with a main objective to carry on the business of manufacturing, processing, importing, exporting, buying, selling and dealing in all types of steel and steel related products.

During February 2018, an open offer was made under SEBI( Substantial Acquisition of shares and takeovers) Regulations, 2011, through a Share Purchase Agreement entered into between the Acquirers and Sellers dated 1st February, 2018 an acquisition was made of total 52% Equity Shares(18,97,376 Equity Shares out of 36,48,800 Total Equity Shares.). There were major changes in the entire management of the Company by appointment of New Directors and Resignation of the Executive Chairman.

Pradhin Ltd.

Consequent, the New Board of Directors along with an approval of Shareholders of the company had changed the name from Bhagwandas Metals Ltd to Pradhin Ltd and also diversified the business carried on by the company by carrying on business of manufacturing, producing, dealing, buying, selling, marketing, importing, exporting, trading, cultivating, growing and dealing in all kinds of dairy products including milk, cheese, butter, poultry and provisions of all kind and carry on all or any of the business of foreman, dairymen, milk contractors, dairy foreman, millers, purveyors and growers of, and dealers in corn, hay and staw, seeds men, and to buy, sell and trade in any goods which is usually traded in any of the above businesses.